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I Know What You Did Last Summer!

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For most students, summertime is a time for relaxing, visiting family and catching up with old friends. But for six graduating HU seniors, it's a time to learn new skills and gain experience that can be applied as they search for success after graduation. Through internships, community service, research programs and even traveling overseas, these seniors have taken advantage of time off from class to help prepare themselves for the endeavors to come after graduation.

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1,300 New HU Students Arrive to Warm Welcome

Parents helping students move in

It was raining the day freshman David Mitchem moved into his dorm at Hampton University in 2005, but the warm welcome he received from fellow students livened up his spirits.

"That (the rain) made it kind of dismal, but they were out here just like we're out here. That's one of the main reasons to do this, to give back in the same way," said Mitchem, now, a senior, referring to the several student leaders, sorority and fraternity groups welcoming new students into their dorms last month.

On the first move in day, Aug. 29, from the entrance at Tyler Street, to Virginia Cleveland Hall and Harkness Hall, HU students used energy, advice, cold water and muscle to help new students feel at home and ease the transition to college life.

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Meet the Class of 2012

Welcome back students for another exciting year at our "Home By the Sea!" Now that you have settled in and classes have begun, you've probably noticed all of the new, eager faces of the Class of 2012 around campus. But how well do you know these new members of Ogre Phi Ogre 14?

Most of the 1,200 new freshmen arriving here at HU were born in 1990, when songs like "The Power" by Snap!, "Escapade" by Janet Jackson, "Pray" by M.C. Hammer, and "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey were topping the charts. That same year, Milli Vanilli earned the Best New Artist award at the Grammy's, only to be revoked later for lip-syncing. And their parents may recall seeing "Dances with Wolves" or "Ghost" in the theater that year too.

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