Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Few other universities of our size can offer comparable research facilities, research partnerships and student and faculty-initiated research projects.

At Hampton University groundbreaking research is underway in labs across campus, focused on producing technology and innovation that will help drive tomorrow's discoveries. With advancing programs in the sciences, engineering, health, computing, architecture, the community and related areas, Hampton University is committed to educating future leaders.

integrated research and training

Integrated Research & Teaching

Hampton University is pursuing research and scholarships that enrich, inform, and influence classroom teaching; our achievements continue to gain national and international recognition.

dedicated research centers

Dedicated Research Centers

Hampton University is the epicenter of unrivaled health, physics, and engineering research. As such it is only fitting that its campus be home to numerous research centers and institutes.



Hampton University is home to 6 libraries, containing more than 8 million physical volumes, more than 20 thousand online journals and newspapers, and more than 120 electronic article databases.

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National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting

National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting

The mission of NCAAMP is to strengthen families in the African American community by helping African Americans gain essential knowledge, skills and other resources required for building and sustaining healthy marriages and practicing effective parenting. NCAAMP will accomplish this goal by increasing the public awareness of the status and value of healthy African American marriages and parent-child relationships and of the importance of effective cultural and societal support.