Student Success Center Undergraduate Advisement

"Where your Success is Our Success"

The Student Success Center provides academic support services to enrich all HU students' educational experience to positively impact academic performance and promote student success and retention. Whether you are an incoming new student or a current student, the Student Success Center staff is available to assist you in your educational journey towards graduation.

What is academic advising/ coaching?
Academic Advisors are available to help students enhance their academic experience and assist students in their personal development. Academic Advisors work with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects such as time management, study strategies, test anxiety, or self-discipline and develop academic action plans to accomplish student achievement goals. Through individual assessments and collaborative relationships with Academic Advisors, students are best able to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their values, skills, personal and professional goals.

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Academic Probation Advisement:

Students who have not met the university standard by having below a 2.0 for the semester must be cleared by an Academic Advisor in the Student Success Center. Before removing the academic probation hold the student must sign a contract and schedule to take EDU 295 during the semester. In order for the probation to be lifted the student is required to attend 3 Academic Success Forums and 5 advisement appointments as well as earning at least a 2.0 GPA by the end of the semester.

Transfer Student Advisement

The Student Success Center is designated to help transfer students with 30 or more incoming credits navigate the campus and become acclimated to their “Home By The Sea”. If the student has declared a major they will meet with their assigned faculty advisor to receive their registration PIN for each semester and go over their major curriculum

Undeclared Major Advisement

Upperclassmen who have completed 30 credits hours and have not declared a major must come to the Student Success Center to do so. The Academic Advisors will guide the undecided student based on interest and completion of the
Sigi3 assessment.Once the assessment is completed the advisor will meet with the student to discuss results and discus the majors available based on their Sigi3 results. When the student has chosen a major they are to complete the
Change Your Major Form and have it signed by the proper personnel including the Student Success Center Director.

Advising is engaging students to think critically about their academic choices and make effective plans for their education.
-National Academic Advising Association