Prohibited Items

Note: Due to safety concerns Hampton University prohibits the possession of firearms, knives, and other weapons, incendiary devices (candles, incense, etc.) alcohol and other illegal drugs, laser pointers, microwaves, refrigerators, portable air conditioners, toaster ovens, hot plates, personal grills, and pets. Students found with any of these items are subject to disciplinary action by the University.

Policy on Drugs and Narcotics

It should be clearly understood that Hampton University will not become a sanctuary for drug possession, drug use, drug sale, and/or distribution. Therefore, possession, use, distribution and/or sale of illegal drugs are prohibited on the Hampton University campus.

If any administrator, faculty, or staff member catches a student in the possession of any type of drug, they will be apprehended and subject to immediate termination.

Any administrator, faculty, or staff member that finds a student guilty of sale, distribution, and or possession of any unlawful drug on or off campus will be subject to automatic and immediate permanent separation from the University. Such persons will also be reported to the proper authorities where applicable.

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Student Success Center

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