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Cooperative Education & Internship Programs

This department is responsible for coordinating and evaluating cooperative education and internships experiences with students and maintains files on student internships when the experience is used as academic credit. It is responsible for forming relationships with industry and pursues new leads that enrich the quality of off-campus opportunities. The staff member counsels students on career choices, critiques resumes, cover letters and presents seminars and workshop on career development, posts opportunities on Pipeline and registers students on the eRecruiting System. The department is responsible for providing professional assistance to faculty, students and alumni, providing training to student staff, and assisting in the delivery of career education and outreach programs. It assists with the liaison and consultative relationships with student organizations and the campus community.

Q & A

What Are Internships and Co-ops?

Do you want to gain experience that will give you that competitive edge? An internship is the key. In today's competitive job market, being an excellent student is important, but strong academic skills coupled with experience will get you further ahead. You can gain valuable experience that will set you apart from others. In addition, you may be provided an opportunity to apply learned skills to real-life situations.

An internships is a major related, professional work experience that usually performed during the summer or part-time in an academic semester. A co-op is also a major-related, professional work experience, but is usually performed for two or more semesters. Benefits of Internships and co-ops include:

  • The opportunity to confirm your career choice.
  • Funds to finance your education.
  • A chance to develop communication, teamwork, and other interpersonal skills.
  • Networking and building up new contracts.
  • College credit.

Means of Obtaining Internships

  • Network with family, friends, and professors.
  • Research career opportunities.
  • Check the Career Center for opportunities.

Procedures for Receiving Academic Credit

  • Confer with your faculty advisor, department chair or dean and promptly have your Application for Co-ops/Internships signed by these persons. The application can be obtained at the Career Center,114 Wigwam Bldg.
  • Inform the Coordinator of internship offer.
  • Pre-register for internship and pay the accessed tuition fees, including imposed traffic tickets, library fees, etc. by University's deadline dates.
  • Register during the same semester in which the internship/co-op isactive.
  • Contact the Business Office and Students Accounts for questions toyour account.
  • Before leaving campus, make arrangements with the Registrar's Office for verification of enrollment in the Internship/co-op course.

Requirements for Internships

  • Must have full-time status.
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA (department grade point requirementsmay vary).
  • Must file an application in the Co-op/Internship Office.
  • Must have academic advisement approval.
  • Must be in good financial standing with the University.
  • Must complete 30 credits with acceptance into an academic major.

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