Graduate Scholarships by Major

General Graduate Scholarships

  1. ECA Centennial Scholarships
  2. NACA Foundation Graduate Scholarship
  3. Victor E. Schimmel Memorial Nursing Scholarships
  4. Go College
  5. Scholarships for first year graduate students

Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

  1. American Meteorological Society Graduate History of Science Fellowship
  2. AMS Graduate Fellowship in the History of Science
  3. AMS Graduate Fellowship Program

Biological Sciences

  1. United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Initiative
  2. Fred Johnson Memorial Scholarships

Business Administration

  1. Gabe Stepetin Business Scholarship Awards
  2. HIMSS Foundation Scholarship Program
  3. Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship
  4. Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship
  5. Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
  6. Robert H. Rumler Scholarship-


  1. Ciba Travel Awards in Green Chemistry
  2. Society of Flavor Chemists Graduate Scholarship
  3. American Geophysical Union Horton Research Grant
  4. Hubertus W.V. Willems Scholarship for Male Students

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

  1. American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship
  2. ASHFoundation Graduate Student Scholarship for International Students
  3. ASHFoundation Graduate Student Scholarship for Minority Students
  4. EAAT Hippotherapy Scholarship

Computer Science

  1. Jill S. Tietjen P.E. Scholarship
  2. SWE Past Presidents Scholarship
  3. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Ralph W. Shrader Diversity Scholarships
  4. Google Scholarship
  5. EDSF Board of Directors Scholarships


  1. AECT Legacy Scholarships
  2. ECT Foundation Master Scholarships (technology education)
  3. Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship
  1. ACS- Hach Second Career Scholarship


  1. Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarships
  2. Graduate Scholarship Program


  1. AfterCollege/AACN Nursing Scholarship
  2. Andrew Gronholdt Arts Scholarship Awards
  3. Christine Fillipovich Scholarships
  4. Graduate Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice
  5. Jan Bingle Scholarships
  6. Katie Brush Memorial Scholarships
  7. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Scholarships


  1. Tylenol Future Care Scholarships
  2. American Pharmacist Association Foundation Student Scholarship Program
  3. American Society of Health System Pharmacists Student Leadership Awards
  4. Pharmacy Times and Walmart RESPy Award
  5. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education

Physical Therapy

  1. EAAT Hippotherapy Scholarship
  2. Minority Scholarship Award
  3. Ryan F. Chandler Memorial Scholarship


  1. Charles S. Brown Scholarship in Physics
  2. National Association of Corrosion Engineering Scholarship
  3. The Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership
  4. Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Graduate Student Fellowship
  5. Barry Goldwater Scholarship
  6. The National Research Council Associateship Program


  1. Minority Fellowship in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  2. National Association of Junior Auxiliaries Graduate Scholarship Program
  3. John Frederick Steinman Fellowship Fund
  4. American Psychology Association

Sports Administration

  1. The Women's Sports Management
  2. The Association of Black Coaches and Administration

Teacher Education

  1. AECT Legacy Scholarships
  2. ECT Foundation Master Scholarships (technology education)
  3. Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship