New Student Orientation


Congratulations on your acceptance to Hampton University!

As a new student at HU, we want you to feel right at home. We know that you are excited and will embrace that excitement. New Student Orientation is designed to help our newest students transition to college life. We anticipate that students, arriving on campus, will have lots of questions. Know that our staff is here to assist you in helping to uncover the answers to those questions. The Orientation will assist in providing you information about campus resources, programs and services.

The Orientation is an opportunity for you to learn how to navigate through campus, and will introduce you to the Pirate community. During New Student Orientation, students will be introduced to Faculty, Staff and other members of the Pirate family that will help you start your journey on the right path. Orientation introduces new students to many aspects of Hampton University, including student life, academic policies, and the student code of conduct.

Once you have completed orientation, you would have taken part in one of our long-standing traditions. On Friday, August 27, 2021 the New Student Orientation Week will culminate with a memorable "New Student Induction Ceremony." Young ladies will be required to wear white dresses or suits and young men must have dark suits with a dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. Once the Ceremony is concluded you will officially be on your way to becoming a Hamptonian!

Additionally, during New Student Orientation you will be paired with upperclassmen who are members of The Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program who will serve as your guides during your time at the HU. The Orientation and "SLP" will be around throughout your session, and, as current students, they are ready to answer your questions about life on campus. Come to the program with your questions about what it means to be a PIRATE!