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Undecided-Undeclared Curriculum Guide

First-Year Course Requirements

Course Title Hours
ENG 101 Written Communications 3
COM 103 Oral Communications 3
UNV 101 Individual and Life 1
PSY 203 Intro to Psychology 3
HEA or PED Health or Physical Education 2
HUM 201 Humanities I (required) 3
First Semester Total Credits 15

Course Title Hours
ENG 102 Written Communication II 3
HIS 106 Western Civ. II (required) 3
Electives Humanities/Fine Arts or History 3
SOC 205 Intro to Sociology 3
SCI/APS/BIO Natural Science (Intro. Level) 3/4
Second Semester Total Credits 15/16

Total Credit Hours for First Year Students 31

As an Undecided/Undeclared student you have the option of taking 1 semester of Health 200 (2 credit hours) or you can take 2 semesters of a 1 credit Physical Education Activity course of your choice, keep in mind that some majors require that their student take a specific Physical Education Activity course.

Online Selection of English and Math Courses

Choosing an English Course

If you have taken the Advanced Placement (AP) test in English and earned a score of "3" your AP test will give you credit for ENG 101. Please submit your AP scores to the Registrar's Office. Therefore, register for an ENG 102 course for the fall semester.

Please note that no credits are granted until official AP scores have been receives in the Registrar's Office. Be advised that taking AP classes without taking the AP exam will not give you credits.

If you have a verbal SAT score of 580 or higher, or have a verbal ACT score of 25 or higher, please register for ENG102 H. You will automatically be given credit for ENG 101 if you earn a grade of "C" or better in ENG 102H.

If your verbal SAT score is less than 580 or your verbal ACT score is less than 25 and no AP or IB credits are forthcoming, please register for ENG 101.

The University will monitor your English course selections and will require that you adjust your schedule if your selections are not appropriate. A course change may affect your entire schedule, so please choose courses carefully.

Choosing a Math Course

Please refer to the chart on "Choosing a Math Course" on the Freshman Studies page. You must find your desired math course in the left column and follow the requirements across the entire line to be sure you qualify. If you do not qualify, find the lower math course that is designated for your major in the far right column.

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