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Setting Royal Standards: Miss Hampton University and Mr. Pirate

Miss Hampton University and Mr. Pirate

2008-2009 Mr. Pirate, Aaron Rodgers and 2008-2009
Miss Hampton University, Shannon Cooper

The current Miss Hampton University 2008-2009 was influenced to enter the campus pageant after her younger sister was crowned Little Miss Fashionetta, a pageant for African-American girls hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.“After celebrating her first victory … she said, ‘I have my crown. Now it’s your turn,’” said Shannon Cooper. “It was at that very moment that I decided I was going to be the next Miss Hampton University.” Mission accomplished.

On Oct. 11, Cooper, 21, won the title and later that month was crowned at the Miss HU Coronation in Ogden Hall. With her platform, Cooper, a communicative sciences and disorders major, said she’ll be an example for other students. Her platform will also include speaking out against hearing loss and communicative diseases, who these conditions affect and how they can be avoided.

“In the words of Albert Schweitzer, ‘example is not the main thing influencing others, it’s the only thing,’” Cooper said. “Being Miss Hampton University has added character and the ability to be a great influence to my ‘Home by the Sea’ during my career at Hampton University.”

Aaron Rodgers has wanted this job ever since his freshman year here at HU and on Oct. 26, he became the 2008-2009 Mr. Pirate.  Rodgers hopes that he will be able to go above the requirements of past Mr. Pirates, and set a new standard for the role. “I am very approachable and I am here for the students,” stated Rodgers, an aviation management major. “Through hard work and perseveranceI want to show everyone an example of what a Hampton man can be.”

Rodgers believes that a true Hamptonian man is determined, outgoing, and well versed. He should have a positive attitude and knows how to work through his problems. He jumped right into his role following the pageant, which was a launching pad for Homecoming that followed that week.

During his reign as Mr. Pirate, Rodgers will host Brothers Express, a forum open to men and women designed for men to discuss different topics affecting them in today’s society.“I want to bring a different light to Mr. Pirate,” stated Rodgers. “I feel like the role should be more equal, and the title should be Mr. HU.”

Rodgers has received advice from past Mr. Pirates. “The best advice they gave me was to be persistent,” stated Rodgers. “And to always be an example, as I am always being watched.”


--Leha Byrd and Naima A. Gethers