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Student Recruitment Team Helps Make Student Intake Goal

Hampton University's Student Recruitment Team (SRT) has succeeded once again in helping the Office of Admissions reach its annual student intake goal for the 2007-2008 school year. This year, SRT hopes to recruit 1,400 new students to attend and matriculate at the University in the Fall.

SRT, which now has nearly 100 members, takes on a large array of responsibilities when it comes to student recruitment and intake at HU. Each year, they induct 30-40 new members.

Student Recruitment Team

Members of the Student Recruitment Team pose for pictures for the recruitment brochures

They are driven by sharing experiences, enlightening prospective students on the joys of being a Hamptonian and showcasing the "Education for Life" motto HU stands by. SRT members take pride in being some of the first faces people are introduced to when they arrive at HU.

The team handles telecounseling, which includes notifying high school applicants and parents of missing information in application packages, coordinate and host campus tours and recently composed a newsletter to inform fellow members of the new advancements and successes that the group experiences on a daily basis. They attend out-of-state recruitment trips, they plan small special events for recruitment, and they work within the community. SRT also has a number of sub-teams within the organization that are geared towards publicity, community service and promoting school spirit, just to name a few.

Each sub-team handles a specific duty and works with the rest of the teams to make SRT what it is today, a standard of excellence. Co-chair of membership and retention, junior marketing major Danielle Haley shared her experiences SRT members.

"We make sure that the organization is running smoothly. We deal with the member intake process and elect team leaders. Motivating team members and making sure everyone is happy, planning weekly "round-ups" and retreats are some of our duties as well," said Haley.

To strengthen the kinship between members, SRT hosts two annual retreats, in the fall and spring semesters. Last August, members rode to South Carolina for the fall retreat a week before classes began.

"This year our mission (at the retreat) was to train and expose the members of SRT to other HBCUs and their practices... as well as offer intense training on HU history, admissions requirements, etc." said Melinda Gainer, assistant director of undergraduate admissions and coordinator of campus visitation/special events.

Their largest annual event, this year's 30th High School Day on April 4, gives members and current students alike the opportunity to showcase their talents and represent Hampton University and their respective majors to the upmost standards of achievement and excellence.

"High School Day is an event co-sponsored by the Student Recruitment Team and the Office of Admissions. SRT has the opportunity to work on all of the recruitment events the office hosts; however, this is the largest event where they do the most planning," said Gainer.

This year, SRT is looking to recruit 100 solid volunteers to help out with the opening sessions, campus tours and consistent smooth flow of the event.

"There are a few surprises we will share on that day. There will be 'True Life - Hampton U Version,'" said Gainer. As a 1998 HU graduate.

Student Recruitment Team

Members of the Student Recruitment Team pose for pictures for the recruitment brochures

A lot of members truly enjoy the program, Not only does it promote comradery for our "Home by the Sea", HU, but it helps build leadership qualities that many organizations look for in students post graduation.

"My sophomore year of college, joining SRT really launched my social forte, I love being around people who are trying to better themselves. The 'family' as I call it, including Ms. Gainer, is truly comforting," said Haley.

"When I came to Hampton in 2003, SRT members were the first faces I saw and actually remembered. My tour guide, who at the time was a business management major as well, really made me feel comfortable and excited about attending the University," said Whitney Wilson, senior and avid SRT fan from Columbus, Ohio.

"What I love most about SRT are the students themselves. They are hard working, dedicated, creative and smart. Most of our students had a wonderful campus tour experience and that is what has prompted them to want to be a part of the team," said Gainer.

-Kobi Morton