Student Health Insurance

Student Insurance Plan

Hampton University requires that all full time undergraduate and international students have adequate health insurance coverage. Due to the recent changes in the federal healthcare laws, specifically the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, the University has specific requirements that must be met for all enrolled undergraduate and international students. The requirements include a plan that provides appropriate coverage to access of patient care providers in the Hampton Roads, VA area for emergency and non emergency conditions to include mental health, prescription drug benefits, coverage that will remain in effect for the 2016-2017 academic year, with an unlimited policy year maximum and immediate pre-existing condition coverage. If your coverage is a HMO and it does not provide guest privileges, it does not meet the University criteria.

These students will be automatically enrolled in the University sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and the annual premium will be billed to the student account, unless proof of adequate health insurance coverage is submitted. Students who already have health insurance for the entire academic year and meet the above requirements must submit a waiver by September 3, 2016 and the waiver request must be approved to avoid being enrolled in the Student Insurance Plan. It is the responsibility of the student to verify whether or not the charge has been billed to your student account.

Graduate students are not required by the University to have health insurance coverage but are eligible if enrolled in six or more credit hours. To enroll go to The plan is a voluntary basis.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the Student Insurance Plan.

Student Health Insurance FAQ (PDF)

Student Health Insurance Benefit Flyer (PDF)