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Jay Lang Comes to WHOV

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Jay Lang

Hampton University’s radio station, 88.1 WHOV, is under new management. Hailing from Savannah, Ga., Jay Lang is the station’s new manager. Lang has big plans for WHOV and the expertise and experience to fulfill them. Son of Savannah radio legend Jimmy “The Gator” Lang, Lang has served as the program director for WPLZ-Magic 99/Richmond and WJCD Smooth Jazz 105.3 in Norfolk. Lang even serves as a part-time announcer for Howard University’s 96.3 WHUR.

The Student Connection recently sat down with Lang to welcome him to the real HU.

What changes will you be making at WHOV? Programming changes will be made for the betterment of education, the students and the community.

What goals have you set for WHOV? I want to make it the best college radio station on the planet. I want to prepare the students working on the radio station to enter the real world without culture shock. So, if the station is run like a professional station, the only difference for them would be a pay check.

Did your father influence your decision to pursue a career in radio? I grew up in radio stations and everybody used to say, “You’re going to be just like your dad.” I hated that because I wanted to be the next Norman Rockwell. He never pushed me, but he is my mentor. We talk every day.

What is your upcoming book about? “Wisdom From The Jazzman” a motivational collection of anecdotes and life lessons based on one of my nightly radio shows.

What is one life lesson you would like to share with Hamptonians? Be a sponge. Try to learn as much as you can about everything you come into contact with. What you learn will be the food you need to pursue your goals. Don’t be shy.

What is it like working for both HU’s? It’s a bit ironic. I think there was some divine intervention.

-Krystan Hitchcock