Study Abroad – Scholarship Search Tips


Studying abroad can be a very rewarding experience for most students. On the other hand, without adequate planning earning enough money to finance study abroad endeavors can be challenging!


When a student has decided to study abroad, it will become very important for the student to begin serious planning! The earlier a student begins planning, the higher their chances of being well-prepared! Ideally, students should begin planning 12-18 months in advance of their study abroad endeavor. Developing a budget is one important step! Figure how much the whole trip will cost.

Federal Student Aid

Students eligible for federal student aid, such as the Pell Grant, subsidized, unsubsidized, and Perkins loans, may use these funds to finance official and recognized study abroad programs, such as those offered via the AIFS and CIS. Students planning to study abroad during the summer will need to ensure they have remaining federal loan eligibility, especially if they attended the fall and spring semesters. Since Pell is currently used for fall and spring only, it cannot be used for summer.

More Resources

Students may visit our HU International Programs Office website and view scholarship resources:

Before applying to study abroad, review our Study Abroad Procedures, along with our Financial Aid and Scholarships website to view more tips and resources. Check our Twitter page, as well.

Fundraising Efforts

Consider using a fundraising effort within your family and local community (**be sure to develop a sales pitch – how you will be able to use your experience to enhance the local community – give back to those who helped you). Fundraising is usually necessary for many students due to the scant availability of funding from private and public sources.

Country Selection

When deciding where to go abroad, keep in mind that the country you visit and the language they use may be big indicators of the amount of funding you can receive:

Many organizations offer more money to students studying in these nations and/or these languages.

Payment arrangements

Although, students may find few study abroad programs offering payment arrangements, the (AIFS) offers Special Billing Arrangements in certain situations. Contact the AIFS to learn more.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional scholarship links, planning information and other tips students and parents may find helpful: