Department of Freshman Studies

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Hampton University's Department of Freshman Studies Staff is primarily responsible for all Freshmen. We provide a full menu of academic support services to all new first-time collegiates, with one main objective in mind: to help Freshmen become Sophomores.

To accomplish this task, the Freshman Studies Staff provides academic advisement, academic counseling and social & personal counseling. Additionally the department houses special programs to assist academically deficient admits and undecided majors.

Mr. Derrick R. Boone
Director of Freshman Studies, Chairperson of Undecided/Undeclared
Freshman Students, Chairperson of University 101
Location: Student Center Office 204

Ms. Joan Gentry
Academic Counselor for Undecided Freshman Students and Freshman Students enrolled in the following schools; College of Education and Continuing Studies and School of Liberal Arts
Location: Student Center Office 208

Ms. Patra Johnson
Academic Counselor for Freshman Students on Academic Probation and Reduced Workload and Freshman Students enrolled in the following schools; School of Business and Scripts Howard School of Journalism and Communications
Location: Student Center Office 210

Mr. Joe A. King
Academic Counselor & Advisor for Freshman Students on a Hampton University Academic Scholarship and those students enrolled in the following schools; School of Engineering and Technology, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, and School of Science
Location: Student Center Office 214

Ms. Antoinette J. Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Location: Student Center Office 206